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February 26, 2018: The snow trees came at winter’s beginning – and I’ve been waiting for the snow trees to come again, but they haven’t. The snow holidays have been too few, though there was a flu holiday, which is not the same at all. The crocuses and daffodils have made an appearance, the Bradford Pear buds are on the edge of blossoming. Easter egg green grass, robin’s egg blue skies, the barometer herald Spring coming, but there are still 23 more days of winter. There are 23 more days of nature’s mischievous, impish, sly ways. In Five Windows by D. E Stevenson, the shepherd and the minister’s son talk about whether March borrows days from April, or whether April borrows days from March: “We get April days in March, and then they’ve got to be paid back; so we get March days in April.” I may get my snow holiday yet, but back porch living is starting to look much more appealing than fireside living, but whatever kind of living, it seemed time to pull  out, “When Winter is Late” – in a kind of tattle tale way to warn all my Spring-happy friends to beware of winter jumping out at them when they least expect it – but like all tattle tales – nobody wants to really heed what’s being said, but I just wanted to say it anyway because sometimes I just cannot help being a little mischievous, too!

January 19, 2015: Winter is playing it’s games right now. The sun shines like Springtime. There’s no frost on the windshield in the mornings – and I find myself thinking of tomato and chard seeds . . . . but I’m waiting. The more it feels like Spring, closer comes the snow . . . . and I love snow flakes and snow days . . . . and so I wait with expectation of God’s grace in coming changes, like weather patterns, seasons and how time fills the daily.

January 30, 2013: I felt like I needed to say this again – for many reasons, inside and outside reasons.

January 3, 2013: The boys, they have been moaning – moaning over weather channels calling for snow and snow not coming. Tonight, the boys kept looking at the weather radar – hoping. Too big to put ice cubes down the toilet – they just plain, old-fashioned hoped, with a dose of moaning for garnish!

At 11 p.m., when my husband and I were locking up, turning lights down, he called me to look out the door: The Snow Trees had come. I danced. I twirled. I trotted upstairs, to shake each boy gently awake, point out their windows, announcing the arrival of The Snow Trees – and wrapped in their sleepiness, they had now joyful greeting for the snow trees.

Feb 1, 2013 – They didn’t even remember me announcing: The Snow Trees have Come! – but they were so happy they had come!

Winter 2012

Winter is late.
The snow hasn’t come yet.
I am

The Daffodils and lilies arrive
too early
not suspecting
Mother Nature trickery
in mercury messaged
and stems climb out
of  warm brown covers
turning their hope
to an unreliable sun
so vulnerable, so unprepared
for Winter coming late

Even Dogwood Blossoms
are deceived
with sun signs and
mercury tricks

Wouldn’t at least
the dogwood
with the story of our Savior
imprinted on the fibers
of its design,
that signs and seasons
are unreliable
time clocks
for announcing
jobs and tasks,
like blooming and snow fall,
seed time and salvation

Unlike winter
God is never

Unlike rising mercury in January
God does not deceive or lead

God is never
about disappointments and troubles
we find ourselves
He is never
to redeem us from
our rushings into places
not ready for us

or maybe
places and tasks
we are not
ready for

Only we
are surprised,
our budding faith
by trusting sun signs
and mercury
instead of God Words
God Whisperings

God always plans
Time to grow
His plans
for our lives
seed time
and harvesting.

“He said to them, “It is not for you to know times or seasons that the Father has fixed by his own authority. But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth” (Acts 1: 7-8)


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The snow came this weekend while I was under the weather. I made my special hot chocolate for the boys, made myself go out with my camera to take a few photos because I would be disappointed if I didn’t, made favorite loaded potato soup – and jumbalaya – and had nothing left over for writing. This post, though, oh, how it speaks about my love for when the Snow comes to my doorstep. 

“Hast thou entered into the storehouse of the snow?” (Job 38:22)

“Snow is here represented as something which is laid up like treasure, and kept in reserve for use when God shall require it. . . . like the weapons of war, to be called forth when God should please,” (Barnes’ Notes on the Bible)

What have I laid up in the storehouse of my soul? A treasure? Weapons of War? Snow? I admit, that when times toughen, and the little foxes tear at me, it is what I have stored up that sustains, strengthens, gives hope and sees me to a good result, a peace result, a joy result, a content result. In the midst of battle, it is the storehouses that tip to victory.

My Spirit has grieved to not see
Snow for the storehouse
Snow for the ground
For the pin oaks and fir
when all along
the snow for the storehouse was in me

The hurricane of snow’s icy taste,
feathery-melt snow-touch, metallic-smell,
crunchy yet silent sound
are just for reminding
of God’s mighty weapons, tools pulled
from His word, of His faith, about His love
all stored up in my heart
working out my fingers,
voiced in the faith ballad
walked out in my snow boots
God-Words heard, read, stored
in the Storehouse of the Snow

the snow today was just for reminding
to inventory this storehouse
of my soul
these miniature crystals, dazzling Holy Spirit light
from the inside out
Like God in me
Hast thou entered to inventory
the storehouse of the snow?

Inventory in the Storehouse of Snow

20 sticks of faith stories hung on rails in the rafters, curing, seasoning to share, remind and encourage when challenges come either to you or a neighbor?

15 bushels of humility from wrongs handed out and graceless moments, whether intentionally or not, cored into forgiveness, ready for sharing

Unending bails of God love so that you can love more than you need

10 Faith, hope and love seed bags, for open-handed sowing to feed those hungry for the bread of life?

1 Storehouse Manuel filled with the Word of God, the most important item in the Storehouse of the Snow, the most powerful weapon, the greatest treasure, without which all the rest means nothing.

Let the snow fall. Let it fill up the yards. Let it fill the Storehouse of the Snow.

Last week, while learning about the Storehouse of the Snow – and the inventory not only collected there but used in the Harvest Fields, while learning and working, I did not fail to gather the blessings for the storehouse, the blessing storehouse, blessings left me by my Father.

139) Time for a short trip to where I come from
140) 2 geese on an 2-lane road on an isolated mountain road. One thought he could take on my soccer-mom van.
141) Meandering streams
142) Roads that curve and turn with meandering streams
143) Trees older than my grandmother’s history, lining my daily walking path in my visit home
144) Fat squirrels rushing up and down trees before the snow came
145) Smiling at the ideas running through my head during my afternoon walks, feeling as though God were walking beside me, encouraging these ideas, an inside-my-skin dialogue, maybe even His arm was looped through mine. It felt that way.
146) A not-give-up attitude
147) Lunch with my aunt at a favorite restaurant
148) A perfect Thousand Island dressing on a perfect salad
149) Leftovers for dinner
150 Time together, sitting in the den watching shows I never get to watch and laughing with my aunt
151) Coffee already made when I get up, every morning – only in my aunt’s kitchen
152) New shoes that feel like me
153) A piece of art for my desk at my new job with this message: “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace.”
154) Time to stop on the journey home to visit my mother-in-law and two sweet gift-from-God friends. Not just time to stop, though – but overcoming my foe that rushes me when really I don’t need to be rushed, when really there is time – I just have to reach out and take it – time that is.
155) Hugs for hurts
156) Ale 8 and Big Blue Kentucky gifts for my Tennessee boys
157) A clean kitchen when I returned, compliments of my boys who seemed content I was home, a sighing-kind of content.
158) An amazing husband who was in charge of the last science project ever (I had led the first 4)  – over series circuits – and I didn’t have to do a thing
159) Pizza and cupcakes on a Friday night
160) A fire in the fireplace on a Friday night, snow fall outside and home being abundant enough
161) A husband who says he loves my heart, who knows my true intent inside and out, who knows when to let me fight my battles and when to champion me – a knight in shining armor to his damsel in distress
162) Green leaf spinach, eggs, beige artichokes, white asiago cheese and sausage poured into a pottery dish lined with puff pastry, and cooked into something delicious
163) Post-it notes on my bathroom mirror, something a sweet lady named Alvah taught me, along with how to make gingerbread cookies. I was a post-it note on her bathroom mirror – a post-it note for prayer. Her bathroom mirror was full of them.
164) Baby girl being held by 3 of her uncles – voices gentled, gentle carefulness, a protective stillness, – the sweet magic of a little girl suddenly in the midst.
165) Baby girl wearing the hat I knit just for her, a pink hat with a green stem.
166) Chicken noodle soup, a side pot of tortellini soup, popeye bread, laughing cow cheese – on a Sunday afternoon in a clean kitchen – and family voices, voices come together to love a bundle of one month old life.
167) Sweet peace before change. I start my job Wednesday (Feb, 2012)

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