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I woke up this morning, rejoicing that our God, our father and His son, opened up heaven to us. Heaven is not just a fairy-tale kingdom made up to give empty hope to forlorn princesses. It is a real Kingdom, opened to all the Father’s daughters, who are princesses in that kingdom .

Caleb ArtI think fairy-tales teach us much about life, enduring, choosing good over evil and that the knight in shining armor symbolizes our savior and the good king God. Like fairy-tale stories, challenges must be endured, we must live the goose girl unveiled  before we enter His kingdom, saved by the King’s son.

Yet, while fairy-tales kingdoms are not real, God’s kingdom is.

In God’s Kingdom the streets are paved with gold,  the tree of life stands on each side of the river, bearing leaves for healing and abundant fruit, there are rooms and homes designed to our heart’s desires.

One little princess just happened to be carried away into God’s Kingdom before anyone was ready,  – and she will live there all her days happily every after.

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