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5 stools standing at counter
5 boys to men, sitting on the stools
Day after day, Year after Year
climbing to sliding to sit
telling me hopes and fears

one little boyman bakin’ some brownies
while I sit watching his direction
5 little boymen sittin’ on the stool
eatin’ some treats after school

One little boy man slips away
Brings home a girl to meet his mama.
She slides on the stool until they slip away
to a bride and groom wedding day

5 stools, standing at the counter,
4 boys to men climb day after day
One climbs off to enlist in the red, white and blue
so that we have freedom to say
whatever we say while standing at the counter
or sitting on the stool

5 stools standing at the counter,
2 go to play while one stays
to eat and talk in a growing up way
2 come back with 4 neighbor kids
askin’ for ‘smores and hot chocolate on a snowy day

5 stools standing at the counter
one by one they’re growing away
2 boys to men eating mama’s rolls and carrot sticks
When the kitchen door opens they both jump down
And help baby girl to her place on the stool,
little voice sayin, “want some, too! Gra’ma. Me, too!”

5 stools standing at the counter
Big and little feet, little and big
climbing to slide
for mama’s faith, love and salty dishes
passed over the counter top, garnished with the words:
“Come on in and tell me ‘bout your day”

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