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Will you make me an apple pie,” the son asked, all 6-ft 5-inch who has grown so much this year – the man-soul over-taking the boy-soul and filling up the skin and bones of him.

It was 11 a.m. Thanksgiving morning. I’d just put 2 Normandy Pies in the oven. Savory green-beans simmered, potatoes waited in the fridge for oven-time along with the oysters. and the roast beef – yes, we had roast beef instead of the traditional turkey.
I eyed the 3 gala apples, 3 granny smith apples and 3 red delicious apples on the counter, waiting to be pealed, sliced and spiced into baked apples. I’ve only ever made one apple pie before – I made my second one last Thursday.

Some things are worth doing and need doing for a son’s smile.

Only 4 of 5 sons made it home for Thanksgiving but one of my very favorite nephews joined us – which made our holiday so much more wonderful.

Yet there was chess playing, football watching, laughter – lots of laughter, lots of talking – not about big things, just Thanksgiving Day, hanging out dialogue. Nice sounds. . .Happy Sounds. . . Answered Prayer sounds.

We played our Cracker Barrel Thankful game at the dinner table to much moaning. Everyone wrote down their “thankful fors” and then we had to guess who wrote it.

Friday morning, I drove hours away to visit my aunt and prepare another Thanksgiving dinner for Saturday. The blessings wasn’t in the turkey, the oysters (yes, again), the jam cake and Kentucky silk pie – it was in the preparing. The blessing was in the together of peeling and slicing of apples, in the odds and ends talking, the planning and the quiet of just the two of us preparing.

There was blessing in a walk in the park where He pointed out the squirrel and bird nests.

There was blessing in the arrival of my husband and the boys to help my aunt prepare for Christmas – an afternoon of setting out the lights, boys climbing trees, leaves crunching, a Christmas Tree set in the entry hall, boxes of ornaments brought up, snowmen decorations hung on the garden gate – it has become a tradition helping my aunt get ready for the Christmas season.

And then we had another Thanksgiving – only 3 sons here for this one – but how sweet it was, filled with different types of blessings given and taken.

Then, there was the blessing of going home – one son riding with me – a one-on-one time, a sharing-no-distraction 3 1/2 hours of mom-son time.

Yeah, I’m a little worn out – but worn out with living the good stuff – the being-together stuff – and am so glad I choose to find His blessings in it all.

“Give away your life; you’ll find life given back, but not merely given back—given back with bonus and blessing. Giving, not getting, is the way. Generosity begets generosity” (Luke 6:38, The Message)
Blessings 904 – 921 listed above.
922) Sons laughing
923) Surprise visit and grandbaby girl pulling up, crawling to my knees as I sat on the ground and pulling up
924) Hair cuts revealing eyebrows, eyes – that the boys were glad for it
925) knitting rows on a hat gift
926) Faith in the big and little things, even though my heart might try to race away with the living of it
927) a husband who holds me through the challenging moments
928) boys over-coming challenges in school
929) which results in smiling and resurging confidence
930) listening to cirrus cloud facts over the counter while I cook dinner
931) the 3rd senior paper turned in; two more to go
932) Loving a Father God who wants me to ask and wants to answer

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