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My assignments in my college comp class always contained a definition paragraph, so we’d practice defining things. Things like, maybe the kind of guy or girl you’d want to marry. It always started with a spirited discussion, which would ultimately have girls rolling their eyes over “stupid” boys.

Candidly, I would just say, “Do you really want to marry someone you think is stupid? No better than a donkey on a good day? Is that what you dream about?”

Our culture wants to pin the tail on our men, literally, making an ass out of them. You see it in t.v. shows, news broadcast banter, and, sadly, even on Christian radio channels. Who wants to marry a dolt? Do you? Do you want your girls to marry brain-less wonders? Are you raising your sons to be brainless wonders?

Did God create man like that?

I like to think God created man to be our knight in shining armour. One poll shows  over 70% of women in America are counting on the government to take care of them. I wondered why women would rely on government, which is really like the buffoon-man stereo-type to take care of them, instead of the man God made to be their champion, their other half?

I am a firm believer in what you speak is what you get. “Truly, I say to you, whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed [1] in heaven” (Matt 18:18). My words have the power to release good in my life or bad. My words have the power to create an awesome marriage or an awful marriage. My words have the power for me to have an awesome husband or not.

Nan over at Little Black Dress Diaries has issued a 30 Day Awesomeness Challenge about our husbands. This definitely goes with my blog theme: the faith, love and politics of raising boys to men. I am raising my sons to be awesome, Godly men, husbands and fathers – not wusses, dinglehops and buffoons. I want them to be just as awesome as their dad!

And my husband is awesome. I started praying for him when I was 12. God gave me the best.

1) The first time I saw him, he had red hair. I always wanted to marry a red-head. God knew. His hair turned deep auburn after we married. God knew how to present my guy so I would look deeper, look into the kind of man he was.

2) And, God knew legs were especially important to me – and ankles, especially ankles. At home, we joke that any girl they bring home cannot have cankles – it would spoil the gene pool. Ankles are very important – and my guy has outstanding ankles. Yes, God knew just what dazzled me – at least on the outside.

3) God knew that I wouldn’t just fall for a guy with awesome ankles, though. I needed a guy who got my humor, and loved me despite it. When I tried my newly developed pick-up line on him and he didn’t slowly back away, well, I knew he was special. My line? I was taking a freshman sociology class that recently spent time going over 19th century trait factors in criminology: red hair was a predisposition for criminal behavior. When I pointed that fact out to him and it did not scare him away, well, I knew he was someone amazing. If anything, it made him realize there was not another girl in the world out there like me.

4 and 5) God knew I needed someone who could stand up to me, not allow me to bull-doze over them. I had a lot of walls built up around me to protect me. I was a child of divorce – and I never wanted to be a spouse of divorce. I never wanted to go anywhere near there ever again. One of the first times we went out, I made a comment and he challenged it. Not condescendingly. Not in an Alpha-Dog over-powering way. At that moment, I felt that wall go down. I felt like I could trust – in a way I had never trusted before. Here was someone who could see that I was not perfect and it did not take away from who I was. God fills you with that kind of trust if you’re handing out with the guy he made for you. It’s the same kind of trust that you are born with for your parents.

6) When we moved into our apartment when we got married, and we had to carry a heavy, old couch upstairs, he let me have which-ever end I wanted. I switched sides during the process – and he did not mind. He realizes sometimes I am not as strong as I think I am and he let’s me figure it out in my own way.

7) God knew that what was inside was incredibly important. My guy is incredibly loyal and faithful. Even his mother assured me before we got married, “He won’t ever step out on you.” Because of my family history, God knew I needed a guy just like this.

Knights in Shining Armour are not extinct. I think some people just “have not because they ask not” – I asked for the best. And God’s idea of “the best” was even more than I imagined.

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