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True Love lives in a real world, with real challenges and other real emotions. It is incredibly beautiful, True Love. But it takes lots of strength, courage and faith. A little humbleness, too. A little taking the back seat sometimes and a lot of never giving up! True Love is all encompassing. It loves your husband, your children, your friends, God – even strangers. I would not want to live without it ~ Blue Cotton Memory

My son just got his license. He not only met our requirements (grades) but he met the State of Tennessee’s requirements. The first thing he did was go pick up his friend, who had often picked him up, checked on him when he was having a hard time. His friend’s grandmother had suffered a heart-attack followed by a stroke. Her life is tenuous right now – and he feels his girlfriend isn’t there for him.

I told him what I told all my boys – when you meet the right girl, she will be there for you. God will give you a trust, a trust like the kind you had for your parents the day you were born – a God-given trust. . . and you will be there for each other because not being there isn’t fathomable. We talked about praying – for his grandmother, praying about whether this was the girl.

God took a rib from Adam and made woman.  Eve completed Adam; From Adam, Eve became. Neither of us, my husband or I am complete without the other. Jerry McGuire with Tom Cruise didn’t come up with that. God did – He created that.

The searching for that person who is the missing piece, the part that completes is a tough journey. Especially for teens and young adults who just recognize that yearning and might not understand that it is a journey to that person – God knows the place, the date, the time of that meeting.

Below is a chronicle of mothering through this journey. Please stop by. Visit. Some are funny. Some are serious. All are focused on true love.

June of 2009 – It was my second month of blogging – and it is the most special to my heart. All the posts led up to my oldest son’s wedding and they are all about teaching my sons about girls and love. Perfect for Valentine week! Can you guess which is my favorite?

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