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“Here I am forsaken by the world, and yet I am a princess,” (Grimm’s Fairy Tales, “The Goose Girl,”)

When I was in elementary school, my very favorite fairy tale was “The Goose Girl” by those grim Grimm’s Brothers. A few years ago, my mom gave me an old print edition of  The Grimm Fairytales. I was so excited to find my favorite fairy tale again after so many years. Does a girl ever get too old for a good fairy tale?

Here a  princess is indeed forsaken by the world – yet both her parents had provided for her – and that provision helped protect her – but she doesn’t really realize it.   This princess was filled with fear, which caused her to give up her princess position – and she becomes The Goose Girl.

However, she has to free herself from the bondage she put herself in. Ultimately, she does – by people who cross her path. Of course, it helps to be good and noble. With their help and encouragement,  she becomes the rightful princess she was created to be.

Just like you and me were created princesses, daughters of the King – with provisions and protections. I did not know about those for a long time.

Unlike the Goose Girl, I did not know I was a princess. I did not see myself as valuable – at least to God. I always wondered how Jesus could love me as much as He loved Peter, James, and John.  I would say, “Sure he does,” but that was not how I felt inside.  I wanted Jesus to love me like that, but I still wondered,”Oh, I’m not good enough or special enough for that.” Oh, maybe if I were like Mother Teresa or Joan of Ark. But I was not. I was just Maryleigh.

Then one day I understood. Not a Logos (word) thing – but a Rama (Alive thing). The knowledge of who I was in the family of God bloomed fully: I am a daughter of the King.  Imagine being a daughter of the King—how people treat you, how you are provided for, how you are valued, and loved. Imagine being The Goose Girl unveiled.

Those fairy tales can teach us a lot about the love of a father, especially when you have not experienced it. How many people do not take a chance on God because they have no concept of a loving father?

All fairy tale princess in the Kingdom face grievous challenges. Many have fathers, the king, or if they are no longer alive, they provide protectors who leave no stone un-turned, no effort exhausted. The princess is never forgotten nor is the pursuit lessoned to reclaim His child.

The Prince, much like the  princess’s honorable father,  often saves her, whisking her from the grip of torment, isolation, a false-sense of abandonment. The tormenters are destroyed – and she is returned to her rightful place in The Kingdom.

A true princess loses not her nobleness during these fierce challenges. She cries sometimes, feels saddened, feels lost. But she still acts nobly.

God is like that. He provides. He leaves no stone unturned. He never gives up. The fairy tale princesses are always provided for and their futures are secured. We really are not any different from those Grimm’s Brother Girls! We just think about ourselves differently – and that is what needs to be changed. Do you see yourself as God sees you?

“I will bless you;
I will make your name great,
And you will be a blessing.
I will bless those who bless you,
And whoever curses you I will curse;
And all peoples on earth will be blessed through you”(Genesis 12:2-3)

You are a princess, a daughter of The King
Continue the rest of your journey as the princess you were created to be
the  daughter of the King
Think about that –
let it settle into your soul!
Throw off the Goose Girl!
Become the Princess of God!

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