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The Bread Basket Award T was designed to recognize inspiring, encourage blogs whose messages reaches out to strengthen, encourage, and inspire hope. So many women share the best of what is in their hearts to help encourage other women struggling with the same things. It is a beautiful exchange, an exchange of grace. 

And I wanted to create an award – not one that you have to work hard to pass to a lot of people – though they are fun and encouraging – but one that just said, “Thank you! You blessed me! You fed me when I was weak.” So I created The Bread Basket Award, to be given out monthly to a blogger who feeds us when we are hungry for support, encouragement, inspiration, laughter.

You might be thinking, “Who is Blue Cotton Memory to create an award?” – Well, I thought so, too – but since Words of Affirmation are my Love Language – and I so wanted to bless these blogs that give so much to us – I did – as a hug of gratitude for what they did for me.

The October Bread Basket Award





Off the Beaten Trek: Life’s Journey Of A Correctional Nurse and Prisoner of the Lord…

Billy Graham said, “If you want to change someone’s life, tell a story” – and Rosel does just that with her posts.  She tells riveting stories from her experience as a correctional nurse within the prison system.  With a nurses’ eye for detail – and a missionary heart for the children of God – or rather God’s children who need to come home – she provides a glimpse into the struggles of  men and women literally “Off the Beaten Trek” – Lost from Home. She is one of those amazing women able set healthy boundaries in dealing with people.  She knows when to back off – when to press forward. The underpinnings of this woman is faith in Jesus Christ.

She tells a great story – then she ties it to what God had laid on her heart.

If you are the parent of a teen – this is an awesome read. Not that our teens are headed to a prison. Rather that teens struggle.  Sometimes home might feel like a correctional institute – and when our sons and daughters fail, we need to read encouragement, not from people who have not been there, swear their kids will never be there and condemn those youth and their parents, but go someplace where people struggle with ugliness and find God despite of it. A place where mercy reaches out with both hands. That is Off the Beaten Trek.

Please visit with her for some riveting stories and inspiring encouragement:

Thank You , Rosel, for sharing the side of the journey to God that is filled with struggles, imperfection but also filled with hope, faith – and a willingness to reach out!

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