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A Time of Refreshing

I am a Tolkien fan.  His books might be called Science Fiction, but Tolkien’s books talk much about the fight for right, the price and value of freedom, and  God. There are parallels to Christ’s journey and the great battle against satan. The first Tolkien book I ever read was The Hobbit; it detailed a beautiful God-pattern of hope. That after every great challenge (or major stage of the challenge), God provides a time of physical, emotional and spiritual freshening.

And this week, I am off to a refreshing time with my family. I hope to see a lot of this:

See that brotherly love

and those smiles

And taste fresh seafood from my very favorite market

and experience some of my favorite things

smiles from reluctant teens,

ocean floating

lazy rivers

pillows and quilts

ocean sounds wafting through my patio door in the morning

sand castles

bocce ball

and family

lots of family


quiet time

holding hands time

God-inspired time

A refreshing time

 I hope you find a refreshing over your Holiday, too!

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