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A little over a decade ago, I bought 4 cards from my very favorite little shop, next to an eclectic little coffee shop where you could just bump into to anybody at any time of day. Of course, that must have been before I knew about the 5th son or I would have bought 5.

I gave the first one to my oldest when he turned 14. It was the right time. The second son received his when he was 15. The timing was right. Yesterday, I pulled the 3rd card out, and felt so totally relieved to find it. After all, we had moved and my place where those stack of cards moved, too. I cannot explain my relief when I say I found it fairly quickly. Not being able to find something is pure torture – it haunts my ever waking moment. But I digress; I found  it.

And filled it with mother-love words for my 16 year old. Perfect timing for this card.

I had planned a family Surprise Party(SP) for now (friends in a warmer time). A SP Novice? This was my 3rd SP 16th, not counting the surprise 40th party I threw for myself. 

“I’m so sick. I can’t go to church,” I moaned Sunday morning. My husband took everyone while I sparkled up the house and prepared the dishes.

“Oh, my stomach. I can’t move,” I said, woefully, while he packed them off to the movies.

"Working" at Christian Camp

Holy Cow Cake? Check! Burgers, Hot Dogs, Grillin’ and Fixin’s? Check! Candles? I always forget the candles. Or rather, I had them, but I could not find them – eye-rolling exasperation at myelf! Having the perfect day often means letting go of looking for things which refuse to be found.

Balloons in place, door-bell rings and family, wonderful, lovely family straggled in – it was Sunday after all. The text came. They were in the neighborhood. We all huddled, gathered in the center of the house,waiting for him to come in.

And we waited. and waited. and waited. My husband walked in. and we waited. The littlest guy of them all walked in. and we waited. Stretching my neck, peering around the corner, trying not to be seen for optimum surprise!

“Surprise,” came the shout from behind us.

The stinker had slipped through the basement, come up the stairs and creeped behind us, putting the surprise on us! So perfectly, quintessentially this son!

“When we pulled into the neighborhood, it all clicked,” he boasted leavingme to figure out how to turn thelast 2 16th surprise parties into surprises.

He opened red-neck cards (Sigh!), driving-humor cards, Nanny cards – and somewhere along the way, he came across my card. No words. No hugs. Right now that’s just sons.

Some things are worth looking for. Some things are worth buying in bulk, like 4 cards. Sometimes, timing is perfect, too!

Life is what you make it;
Always has been,
Always will be”
-Grandma Moses

This is the son who loves to rib me about my cooking. Below are some of my very favorite Joyful posts!

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