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Snow Blessings

“Prayers Go Up and Blessings Come Down” (Yiddish Proverb)

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I advised my 4th son to sit down. He chose the kitchen stool.  We needed to have the talk.  He is 11 going on 12- old enough for the truth.  Some people might say 11 is too young to handle the information.  However, he has always had an ability to understand things beyond his years .  I was worried someone else would tell him or he might guess.  It’s better to have truth than mis-information- so we had the talk.

“It’s about time I told you. . . my real job,” I said, as I stood among storage boxes, packing.  I pulled a snowman off the SnowTree, wrapped it in bubble wrap and tucked it into the box. “I’m the SnowMom.”

He just stared at me. . . blankly. 

“I’m in charge of. . . snow.  It starts when I put up the Christmas Tree, which is really The Great SnowTree in disguise. When I take it down, the snow goes away. Since I’m packing up the SnowTree, there won’t be anymore snow . . . until I put it up again.”

He tried arguing a little with me with things like, “Well, why did it snow in Tennessee when you had us flush ice cubes here?”

I imagine it is difficult to understand why tens of feet of snow do not fall every day when I could just do it with a flick of the SnowTree switch. However, that would not be fair to people in other cities and towns, so SnowDays are shared.

Since Washington really annoyed me this year, they discovered that behavior without moderation is. . . uncomfortable.  Too much snow, like too much spending, leaves a mess and paralyzes communities. Do you think they got the message?

After Christmas, when the Christmas Ornaments come off, the Snow Ornaments take the spotlight. I guess he never noticed how every time I clicked the lights on, it snowed.

Sadly, the truth really was just too much for him.  He finally slid off the stool and left the room. I guess it is hard to believe that your mom is the real SnowMom in charge of all those snowflakes.

I know you are dying to ask, so I will just go ahead and tell you. . .yep, no more snow.  The SnowTree is officially packed up.  Springtime’s a’coming! However, I can pull that ol’ SnowTree out if Washington needs another message!

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My Christmas Tree morphed into a Snow Tree (Only snow ornaments and sparkly lights).  My SnowMan Wreath Twinkles on SnowDays. I LOVE SNOW!

My nose twitches to smell that metallic winter smell that precedes snowfall.  The boys’ eyes brighten with anticipation:  Holiday – No School.  Winter Snow Holidays evoke totally different feelings, behavior and hunger than the Summer Sun Holidays.

Back in Paradise where we lived last winter, the boys would come home from school with the principal’s assignment on their minds: Flushing ice cubes down the toilet so it would snow, cancelling school.

A few weeks ago, the boys were eager for a BIG SNOW, so they gathered some ice cubes:


And flushed them down the toilet

They set off to bed, excitedly waiting for the BIG SNOW!

And the BIG SNOW showed up

in Paradise

leaving two very disgruntled boys

Snowless in Kentucky

Moral to the Story:  If you want it to snow in Paradise, flush ice cubes.  Ice Cube Flushing does not work in Kentucky.

The Snow Came


And they frolicked – like only little guys can do

They started out traditional 

Totally Traditional

Traditional slid to Daring, on the Edge

And little boy hearts swelled with the SnowMent

 One SnowBoy made a SnowPrise for me!

I love my SnowBoys

And my heart warmed so much snowmelt almost occurred!

Can you hear me singing,” Let it Snow. Let it Snow.  Let it Snow.”


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Simply Saturday

The Snow Trees Have Come!

Holy Spirit Rain Down on Me

in Snowflakes

so that I might better see

your Holy presence

when my eyes are blinded

and my spirit weary

when I am too numb to feel,

may your presence linger

like snow on trees


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