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When I was little, I knew that I could grow up and BE anything.  My husband wanted to become an engineer and work for IBM. My friends wanted to be nurses or teachers.

My sons also have dreams.  They all want to be professional soccer players, but their back-up dream job would be an entrepeneur, a marine, an artist, a West Point graduate, a mechanical engineer, or a radio station producer. 

Some of my students wanted to be nurses at particular hospitals because of how the nursing staff treated their loved ones during health challenges.  Some wanted to be bankers because they loved the financial process.  Many engineers wanted to be what Lee Iacocca was to Ford when he created the Mustang.

Nobody ever said, ‘I want to grow up and work for a government owned business.”

They wanted to work for “Made in the U.S.A.” cutting-edge companies that were innovative, exciting and pioneering better products for a better tomorrow.

Made in the United States of America means something more than a product made within our borders under USA jurisdiction. Made in the U.S.A stands for the American Dream, a Freedom Dream.

Men and women traveled to American from other countries because of individual opportunities to control their destiny through hard work, choice ownership, and opportunity.

Last week, Made in the U.S.A. took a giant step closer to meaning government-owned, government regulated, government property. My sons will suffer because of Congressional decisions signed into law by President Obama, in both opportunity and hirability. 

Sadly, conservative, small-government people will not be hired. Political discourse will be stifled.  How many people will re-register to “democrat” to avoid joblessness?  If you do not follow the government line, then you will not have a job.

Besides hirability being an issue, job opportunity will be reduced. Too many dreams are becoming government-owned dreams. Solid jobs for solid futures where my sons can provide for their families, their health and their retirement have been grabbed by the government officials, many of whom have never run a business in their lives.

  • The Engineer, who has been the bread and butter of middle class life (government-owned GM and Chrysler) – think of all the companies affected that hire engineers: tires, breaks, steering wheels, visors, panels, lighting, engine development, paint, et al. I  have driven a Chrysler for 25 years.  I will never buy another.  I want to invest in products that boast of that Made-In-The-USA, Capitalistic, entrepreneurial Spirit. If you notice, all those planes and jeeps in WWII were made by privately owned companies, not government-owned companies.
  • Bankers, another bread and butter of middle class life (weekly government takeovers of banks, strong-arming banks to take bail-out money, and strong-arming banks to give loans to customers who cannot afford them(Freddie Mac and Fannie May).  How would you like your new boss, the president he is the only thing standing between you (the banker) and the pitchforks, when it was the government that created the problem?
  • Insurance Companies – consider how many families in your community own insurance companies that hire other people with families for work.  Where will they be in 10 years, since the Obama administration’s stated goal is to put them out of business?
  • Health Care Industry – I realize that some of my readers disagree, but when the Prime Minister of Canada chooses American Health Care over socialized Canada Health care, that should tell you something.  What will happen to private hospitals who refuse to give abortions (now government paid by EVERYBODY whether you want your money to support abortion or not)?  How many nurses and doctors will leave the health care industry because of decisions deemed “unethical” before last week? Think of the opportunities government health care will provide for your children when their babies are born and need state-of-the-art health care? A few months ago, news channels showed socialized health care in Europe where small children who needed care were denied that care.  Fighting chances were denied.  The parents left with blank expressions. A week ago, every American child had a Fighting Chance. Where are Americans going to go when the health care they need is denied them?
  • Education – Government run education rewriting American history, ignoring our forefathers, teaching to tests instead of just teaching. Did you realize that if you had a doctorate in Chemistry, you would not be considered qualified to teach chemistry in the public school system? Debate is stifled. No “discussion” of evolution versus creationism.  No discussion of the separation of church and state. One of my son’s friends was called on the carpet of his principal’s office and told, “You were not hired to educate.  You were hired to teach to the test.” So no more essay questions.  No more class discussions.  No more firing up the students with that desire to learn.  My children got to hear a county-wide broadcast about how American students were farther behind than students around the world. Wow!  What a wonderful thing to tell students – you are the dumbest bunch of kids in the world. How does that inspire?  Maybe they need to stop teaching to the tests and start teaching!  Give teachers the freedom to teach.
  • College Football – yes, even college football is being targeted by the Obama Administration for reform. The government involved in football? Soon, Obama will be regulating my mother’s bridge group.

Made in the U.S.A. does not mean government-owned!  It means private sector owned.  It means power and opportunity to the individual.  Made-in-the-USA government works for the people. Imported socialism is where the people work for the government.

Sons of Liberty

I think our forefathers’ would be appalled if they knew our sons and daughters worked for government-owned industry.  I think our World War I and II veterans would feel betrayed that all they fought against was signed into law by our very own Congress and president. I feel betrayed, as if a group of thieves had stolen my children’s American Dream! That made-in-the USA ObamaCare Health Bill might have been made in the USA, but it was made with foreign parts and ideology. 

Do we really want government officials deciding what kind of cars to make, what kind of pharmaceuticals to invest in, what type of insurance you get, what kind of football you watch?  They’ve already messed with my McDonald’s French Fries.  Just imagine what they would do with a car! Brain Surgery! Banking Account Value! And fighting chances!

I say, Repeal the Bill and replace it with true American Made-in-the-USA Bill with American made parts that promote capitalism which allows the people to choose to take care of those in need. Let us to continue to “Secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity”(Preamble to the Constitution).

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The story about the US Airport Security forcing a 4-year-old disabled boy to not only remove his leg braces, but forced him to walk through the metal detector sent chills down my spine.

He had leg braces because he could not walk, yet these security officers empowered by our government said, “No walk. No Disney.”

The furious parent demanded to see a supervisor. The supervisor did not see anything wrong with the situation – and, this really burns me up. When the father said he would file a report, the supervisors just turned and walk away.

Just imagine what a health care industry empowered by government employees will be like! No heart for our children.  No heart for us. No Accountability for decisions. Just turning and walking away.

Gee, if the Canadian Prime Minister abandons the highly touted social medical system of his country to come to ours for heart surgery, what does that say the medical care provided in the United States?

Do we truly want a socialist system that does not provide the quality medical care our country does?  Is that the change President Obama promised? Good for failing?  The UK socialist medical system is struggling according to London news site The Independent: ” the hospital’s management was pre-occupied with cost-cutting and meeting crude targets set by Whitehall. But so too, it would seem, were the regulators. The trust appears to have been judged on the quality of its balance sheet rather than the quality of care offered to patients”(The Real Lessons of the NHS Disaster, 02/25/2010). Costing cutting care is not the answer.  I suggest cost-cutting the government.

Government needs to keep its meddlesome fingers out of my carbon emissions (right to exhale), my auto industry (I’ll never by another Chrysler – I’ll only buy Capitalistic Vehicles), the NFL, MLB, the wonderful mothers-day out programs my children attended – and most especially, the amazing health care system that has people literally dying to come here so they don’t die.

I never want to see someone, through sheer government empowered I-don’t-care-if-the-choices-and-my-behavior-are-wrong treat my child callously and then in my earnest appeal for right, turn their back on my argument and walk away.  Because they do not have to answer.  They are the long hand of the government. And you cannot sue the government.


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When I was 4 years old, I was sitting in my grandmother’s lap on the passenger side of the front seat.  Life was good.  My hand was wrapped around the window frame.  We’d just finished Friday grocery shopping and were heading to lunch.  Excited, I held onto the window frame of my aunt’s car doo, eager to eat.  We did not go out often. My grandmother pulled the door, hefting it, slamming the door shut.  Screams!  Major Screams. 1/3 of my thumb was severed.  My aunt and my grandmother rushed me, screaming at the top of my lungs to the pediatrician’s office.  My pediatrician snipped off the dangling 1/3 of my finger, popped it in an ice cup and sent us to the emergency room. 

Still screaming, I was handed to a  young intern and taken to surgery. A young intern re-attached my thumb.  He was not sure the fingernail would grow back.  My mom had to soak and scrape the nail bed nightly.  It did grow back.  Even with a thumb print, today you cannot see where it was severed.  This young intern went on to become a world class limb attachment surgeon. 

Today I wonder if under Obama’s Health Care plan my children or their children receive the same care I got?

A friend of my delivered a baby whose stomach and organs were pushed up into the lung area.  The symptoms were flagged by an experienced nurse, the problem quickly identified and immediate surgery put everything back where it belong.  Timely intervention saved her life.  She is a normal, regular run and fun little girl today.

My mom was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She needed surgery within weeks.  During the pre-surgery testing, a rare separate cancer was discovered in early stages. They were able to quickly do the brain surgery and a month later remove the cancer.  She was 64 years old, earning slightly higher than minimum wage, matching her employer for insurance. No medicaid or Medicare for financial help. In case you are wondering, she raised two children on that type of salary without government assistance. 

A friend of mine’s husband had a heart attack while unemployed.  The hospital agreed to write off the costs.

The state of Tennessee has a program for the “uninsurable” – an exploding, fraud-filled program whose prices have staggered.  I knew people on that program who did not have to pay for doctor visits, treatment, medications or surgery.  They owned businesses.  Some had good incomes.

I like the quality of my health care.  I like the choices I have.  Yes, I admit it.  I am disturbed that they want to destroy a health care system that brings people from around the world because of the quality of medical treatment offered.  Yes, I also know there are readers out there who think Cuba has better care than we do.  I really don’t know of many people eager to go to Cuba for quality health care, but if that’s where you want to go, fine. I still say the United States has the best health care. I find it disturbing that people are trying to fix the part of health care that is not the problem.

What is even more disturbing is government run-health care weighing my treatment by considering “what’s good for the community than for and individual,” said Dr. Exekiel Emanuel, White House Health Policy Adviser.   Author Scott Lazarowitz in his article “ObamaCare and the Value of Human Life, counters, “This implies that if an individual is not useful to the community, he has less value as an individual and may not be a worthy as others for medical treatment.” 

Do you really want someone besides God determining your value, someone else to tell you to throw in the towel – or rather grab the towel away from you before you make a decision to stop fighting for your right to live? There is a reason now why you have to sign a legal document giving someone that right – most of use have few people we trust to make that decision for us – much less a government appointed “advocate.”

ObamaCare smells when you look at the behavior of the Senators supporting the Legislation.

Florida (D) Representative Alan Grayson asked Attorney General Eric Holder to send a blogger who criticized him to jail – that’s – Go directly to jail – do not file a complaint, do not go to trial befor a jury – just go to jail. People like him are going to decide if my mama, my boys, or I have value?

It sounds so “high school” to have someone judge your ability to give to society in order to determine whether you “earn” the really good treatment.  Who is going to determine what adds value to a community? Money? Belief System? Skin Color? Political Beliefs?

Do you really want a bunch of stab-you-in the back, send-you-to-jail-for-disagreeing-with-me people determining whether you contribute value to society?

When a government starts playing God, while taking God out of the public square, the public school house, and public history lessons, I would think their definition of value would be different than mine.

As  a matter of fact, their values seem vastly different than mine – I do not make decisions that affect millions under the cover of darkness.  I do not take money for favors.  I do not turn off the phone so I cannot hear the people I am responsible for. I do not blatantly lie.  I read all documents before I sign my name because I am ultimately responsible.  I pay my taxes. If I hold my hand over a bible, place my hand over my heart, and pledge to uphold the Constitution, I would.  Oh, wait – I do not even need to play my hand over a bible, my hand over my heart – and I don’t even have to pledge it.  I live it.

Yes, their values are vastly different that mine.  I guess a bonus to ObamaCare is that I will not even have to pay to go to a lawyer to give permission for the government appointed advocate to make that decision.  The government will trump family and law. Amazing, isn’t it. Who do you trust to determine whether you have enough value to live?

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