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A JunkYard – do you ever feel like that is all you are? A JunkYard? Do you wrestle with traits that you could not even give away? Are there days when you look at your children and struggle to see something of value?

For years, I felt like my traits were just JunkYard fare! Every New Years Resolution dealt with THROWING them out.

Until I discovered that these were not JunkYard Traits – but beautiful Treasures from God – Understanding how to look at these Treasures increased their value, elevated them out of the JunkYard of my Soul.

If you are struggling with self-value, wondering what Beautiful. Awesome. Gifts. From. God. are in YOU, check out the following books:

If you cannot see the beautiful treasures within you, how can you see the beautiful treasures within your children? If you cannot recognize these valuable treasures which sometimes seem like junkyard hand-offs, how can you effectively nuture, build positive self-esteem (the real stuff) or help your children understand why they think and behave differently from their peers? Trickle-down Treasure-onomics can eliminate a lack of poor self-value in your children.

Look at the junk within you today. Re-evaluate. Look at it from all angles – good and bad. Maybe you will come away with a Treasure you did not realize you had all the time!

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