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No bows around here!  No headbands in pinks and polka dots or glittery bling.  However, there is one must-have accessory – Hats. 

Big Hats 

That they grow into 

Party Hats

 A Cool Cat in the Hat

Do You Like My Hat?

The Boy in the Hat does not Care

Hats for Snow 

And in the Cold

Ear Warming Hats

Cowboy Hats

Christmas Morning Hats




Happier in Hats than in Scarves!

Mom in a Hat (I got knitty with it!)

 Goggle Man Hat


 My Boys Love Hats


My oldest son for Christmas would love a Stetson Firenze Hat. My littlest guy and I had been tooling around the new town while his other brother was at archery practice.  We went in this dapper store and found a delightful variety of mens hats!  He was so excited.  He wanted to get his biggest brother one, and one for him, too.  I checked out the price – $49.95.  HHHmmmmm, I could swing that.  A few weeks later, my lovely DIL visited for Thanksgiving.  We measured my sons head, packed up the two little guys and went to do a little Christmas shopping. 

The trouble these two men went to to pack this hat – amazing,I thought.  What service!  “$132.00,” the sales clerk said.  My DIL and I stared blankly at him, and then at each other – assessingly. I countered, “$49.95.”  He pulled a price out from within the hate.  I swallowed – a lot of pride. “We’ll have to think about that,” I said.  My little guys were crushed.  We all felt this way:

And I bet my oldest son is having a flashback: 

Isn’t it fortunate that Hats are NOT the reason for the season?


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