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I have a couple of posts in the hopper, like my Unconditional Love Posts and others, but I just felt wordless today. I have a very special-to-me post for Thursday – a Pass-It-Forward post – which will stay up through the weekend, but I just felt like I was waiting for something. And, then something very wonderful happened.

The Red-Headed Writer has high-lighted Blue Cotton Memory as the chosen blog to be stalked through the week. My love language is Words of Affirmation! Now, as a mom, Words of Affirmation, while high on my to-do list for my boys, – well, it’s not high on their to-do list for their mom. I firmly believe that moms need to affirm and encourage each other – because it is not something we really get from the gaggle, the brood, the flock, the pack, the litter.

Let’s also just say that God’s timing is always perfect – and Red was totally on time!

When I discovered my awesome surprise, it hit me what this week is going to be about thematically. I am taking my theme from my Thanksgiving Day Post – and starting the theme today – At Blue Cotton Memory, this week is about Passing It Forward.

Has someone touched your life? Mentored your children? Loved your children like they were their own? Spoke to them when they would not hear you? Encouraged you like Red did me? While I do not embrace Hillary Clinton’s book, It Takes a Village where government, the NEA, TSA et al lend a hand helping you raise your children – I do embrace that God’s has People who labor for Him, who help take care of His flock, who show the love of Jesus Christ, helping them and us on our journey homeward.

Some of those people are in the Blogahood. People like Red who encourage, by relationship-building and then by providing a wonderful place to go and hang-out, visit with a couple of friends – kind of like an eclectic little coffee shop that you stop by after you drop the kids off at school and bump into people. Red Passes it Forward.

Will you pass it forward today? This week? In the blogahood? In the neighborhood? Will you be a spiritual mother to someone who needs mothering? A spiritual sister who needs a sisterhood? One of God’s People – passing on the love of the Father?

Passing it Forward plants a true Thanksgiving Spirit – year round!

Thank you Red for the inspiration, the encouragement – and the friendship!

P.S. Red, I loved your post choices and what you did with the pictures! You are totally spectacular!

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