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Tomorrow at 1 p.m. EST, President Barack Obama will give his second annual “Back to School Speech” – an “opportunity to speak to students directly across the country,” according to a press release from the Office of the Press Secretary.

Last year, our school district required k-12 to view the presidential speech.  My high school students had to write reports on the speech – regardless of whether it was a P.E. class, an agriculture class, English or History.

To be honest, any school mandating such an event concerned me – especially from a man who considers clinging to my faith when times get tough an out-of-the-norm response. You can read more on my response in Obama is Not My Kids Mama and The Day Obama Rattled the School House Doors.

Maybe I would not mind the president so much speaking in the classroom, if the classrooms were teaching Alexis de Tocqueville’ s Democracy in America or John Locke’s reliance on over 1,500 scriptures in his 2 treatises on government that formed our very foundation (some sources imply that the consitution was so directly taken from his treatises that it could be considered plagarism) or about how Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson wanted Moses on our seal because they saw America’s separation from England as parallel to the Israelites deliverance from Egypt. Or the history of prayer in Congress calling our nation to pray and fast. Maybe if we had a little more of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense  in the classroom and a little less re-constructionist history then maybe I would not be so concerned about a socialist president speaking to my children, a president who defends bible burning but condemns Quran burning.

I called the high school, middle school and elementary school my children attend. This year, most principals are not aware of the president addressing students across America.  The high school has more important things, like testing – one principal said.

Maybe the voices of parents complaining last year are still ringing in their ears. Maybe they realized the president needs to speak to children through their parents, not speak to parents through their children.

Whatever the reason, I am glad I do not have to pull my children out of the classroom to watch a presidential speech, discuss the content and then send them back to school.  I am glad my high school students do not have to offend a teacher by disagreeing with a man they see as a socialist president trying to dismantle the foundations of a capitalist society.

I am glad our county is leaving those decisions up to the parents of the children they teach.

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